Wattle Hollow Retreat Center

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Venue Description

Wattle Hollow Retreat Center is an experiment in conscious sobriety, so we ask that participants leave recreational drugs and alcohol at home.

Wattle Hollow is a relatively small retreat center (40 acres of woodlands on a mountainside in Northwest Arkansas) with capacity for 20 – 25 folks.

Retreat Lodging consists of

  • several cob spaces (hand sculptured adobe), including the Cob Castle, the Sea World, Earth Mothe room, the Throne room
  • several individual cabins (Ocean View, Lotus Kuti, Dogwood Lodge, Crystal Palace and the Teacher’s Cabin)

Cob, for those of you who don’t yet know the phrase, is a building technique similar to adobe mound-building. It is composed of clay, sand and straw. The precise recipe is always adapted to the local environment (i.e., you use what you have, like most of the homes on the planet.)

Cobbing is energy-intensive, but earth sustainable, and it requires no special skills, equipment or burdensome expense. One doesn’t rush the process. It is a slow, tribal pursuit, and an artist’s paradise. The creative process springs right up through one’s heart and into the hands during the workday. The cob structure is really more of a sculpture, with infinite possibilities of shapes for windows, walls, built-in furniture, carved and decorated walls.

Over the last 10 years at Wattle Hollow Retreat Center, we have been creating guest lodging using the clay that came out of the foundation preparations. First, lodging underneath the main classroom, (which is post and beam on a hillside overlooking the pond) and then beginning in 2005 the Cob Castle….and concluding with Sea World in 2010-2011.

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