Windridge Solitude

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Venue Description

Our singular emphasis is solitude. We focus all our energies on making it possible for you to enter the solitude quickly and completely. We prepare the cottage for you in every way to welcome you. We clean it and make the bed so all you need to do when you arrive is put your perishables in the refrigerator. We greet you at the parking lot and drive you to your cottage in a Kawasaki Mule (it’s an adventure!), help you carry your belongings in, and set you free. Your space and your schedule become your own. The quiet within the cottage and within nature embraces you completely.
Because solitude is primary, daily Mass is available at a local parish which is about 10 minutes away by car (only if you so choose). A quiet Sunday Mass is often available in our chapel at 10AM.
Another distinguishing feature is that we allow you to bring your pet or pets.
Finally, another distinguishing feature is that you will be staying on the property where a community is dedicated to living in solitude also. You become embraced by a praying community while you journey with God.

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