Optimizing Your Listing For Conversion & Sales: Part One

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Here are some steps you can take to optimize your listing and increase the chances that visitors that find your listing would get inspired by your offering and make the commitment to visit your venue and join your programs.

1. Reviews, Reviews, Reviews!

We are social creatures and we trust our fellow men and women. If somebody like me recommends a place or a program to me, I am much more likely to try it myself. It is highly recommended to send a request to past guests and attendees with a link to your listing on RetreatNetwork.com, and invite them to post a review and share their positive experience.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Send personal email invitations to guests you know personally.
  2. Post on your Facebook wall, page or group and invite your FB fans and friends to post reviews.
  3. Add a request to review your retreat in your newsletter.


2. Like, Tweet, Share and Pin

You do NOT want your listing to look like this:

social icons - zeros

Social media is one of the most powerful tools for promotions (as we said above, we are social creatures!). Each listing has social sharing icons and it is highly recommended to Like, Tweet, Share and Pin your listing across the social media platforms. In addition, you can invite your fans, friends and followers to Like, Tweet, Share and Pin your listing on their social media accounts as well.

Did you know you can generate more Facebook “likes” if you share the link of your listing across Facebook? For example, if you “like” your listing, then share it on your wall, and then one of your friends likes the post on your wall and shares it on their wall, the total number of “likes” showing up on your Retreat Network listing will be 4! The more you share on Facebook, the more “likes” you’ll have on your Retreat Network listing!

3. A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

People look at the pictures on your profile before they read the text. Having beautiful high resolution images on your listing creates an emotional response that inspires the visitor to stay on your listing longer, and increases the chances of them becoming your clients. Make sure the first image is the one that represents your venue or retreat the best, since this will be the one that shows up on the homepage and in search results.


Next week we’ll share more tips to optimize your listing, so be sure to take these steps as soon as possible!

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Click here to read “Optimizing Your Listing For Conversion & Sales: Part Two”.

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