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As a presenter & leader of Ceremony, Alaya often opens events by unifying the energetic field. She is all about “getting ‘high’ naturally thru frequency & vibration of Love). Many artists, musicians & participants have commented on how amazing the energy she creates is.

Alaya’s spiritual tradition is wedded in the Hawaiian Huna tradition, whose ancestry is from the Sirius and Pleiades star systems.  Alaya is a vision holder, teacher and healer specializing in assisting others in awakening their gifts, talents and true soul purpose. Alaya is internationally recognized and trained in Toltec and Huna traditions using very effective, time-tested tools of transformation for the empowerment, awakening and activation of the individual.

Alaya has 30 years experience facilitating processes using energy work, forgiveness, prayer, and most powerfully, ancient secrets of connecting to the power of Source within. Alaya had a profound awakening with a master in 1975 and had great rememberings of her traditions of other times and places.  In this lifetime, Alaya worked with Don Miguel Ruiz from the Toltec tradition, and Makua, one of the truly great Kahunas from the Big Island of Hawaii.  Alaya is available for classes, including “Introduction to Ancient Hawaiian Huna Healing:  Connecting to the Source Within” and “Introduction to the Power of True Forgiveness using Ho’o’pono pono.”  She also offers private sessions in Ho’o’pono pono, Spiritual Counseling, DNA Activation & Chakra Alignment, and also offers individual meditation instruction and personal empowerment coaching.

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  1. Facebook - itzdaloveexprezsion
    Facebook - itzdaloveexprezsion

    I connected with Alaya love at an art event in the light and power building in Loveland . Alaya is an awemazing gifted expression of all all that is love and truth ! I am very honored and grateful to be co-creating and collaborating together in this 1 project of love !
    2 Sovereignty and Solidarity ! !!!
    (( <3 Itzda love/mysterious muse <3 ))
    ((<3 <3 ))

    25 Nov 2014 at 5:02 pm

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