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Alison Boons Bio

Alison believes that there is an opportunity to offer yoga by using mindfulness and modifications to make it available to everyone. Having practiced yoga for many years, she came to the realization that her life is yoga, and her yoga practice allows her to connect with body and mind.

Her firm belief is that the power of yoga brings awareness to self, assists with stress, and deepens our knowledge, trust, happiness, and love within ourselves and those around us. Yoga is not only a physical practice but a way of life, and she continued, even as a lead teacher, to further her education and understanding of the teachings of yoga, and the inspiration and grace that comes with a regular yoga practice.

As a co-lead teacher of the yoga teacher training program, Alison will dive into all of the parts, beyond asana, that make up a yoga practice. Delving into the Chakras, mantras, and meditation, and learning how to incorporate all of these into your own practice, and how to guide and offer your own students their own exploration of these tools. Spending time on the 8 limbs of yoga, they will explore the history and philosophy of yoga, and learn how yoga is so much more than just a physical practice, how it really moves, and can be incorporated into all aspects of our lives.

Aside from teaching yoga, Alison is a Phoenix Rising Yoga therapist; encouraging therapy through a combination of classical yoga techniques and elements of contemporary body-mind psychology. Outside of her yogic path, she carries on small businesses, which include marketing consulting and social media consulting, which is also important as you move into teaching classes of your own. She would encourage you to join this program as she commits her efforts to ensuring your experience is exceptional.

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85 Hour France Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training 28 Jul 2018 - 4 Aug 2018

From 3292 USD

Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France

We invite you to join us for your 8 Day, 85 Hour Intensive Immersion ~ Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training at the historical Manor Le Croix in France!