Allice Haidden and Larry Hayden

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Allice Haidden and Larry Hayden Bio

Allice Haidden has been a full-time practicing astrological counselor and teacher for thirty-five years, mostly in Maine. She credits her undergraduate study of English Literature, combined with her early careers in Montessori and Waldorf education, for the development of her simple and intuitive use of images in her work. After enjoying teaching astrology in a rather standard way for about seven years, she began to feel for a more dynamic approach. The original inspiration for Astrological Plays came one morning in the shower (she is a water sign, after all). In her excitement she told her husband that she had an idea for people to become the planets in each others charts. Undaunted by his initial response: “Who would ever want to do that?” Allice has delighted in teaching 16 twelve-week Astrological Plays to date. Now her husband Larry Hayden joins her in facilitating the program. Throughout this time she has also created flower essences with an astrological focus and incorporated various forms of energetic healing into her practice.

Larry Hayden is a contemporary artist with esoteric interests. He has resided and exhibited in Maine since 1979. His most recent work, “The Continuous Drawing,” is a meditation. It was presented in February 2014 at Aucosisco Gallery in Portland. His work is held in the collections of numerous institutions including the Portland Museum of Art, The Farnsworth Museum of American Art, Colby College Museum of Art, and Bates College Museum of Art.

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