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Anahata Bio

Anahata is a Heart mystic, a shamanic healer and a sacred journey leader. Born in India, Anahata is now a universal soul who facilitates healing, empowerment and transformation in humanity. Using the shamanic drum, sacred herbs and her Heart guidance, she leads the soul to access the deep unconscious, inducing meditative trance-states. She helps to open hearts, awaken minds, and to raise the vibration and frequency of an individual’s consciousness to facilitate profound healing and transformation. Supported in her work by a Heart-shaped sacred stone from the higher Himalayan kingdom of Ladakh, Anahata travels through India, Thailand, Indonesia, Peru, Europe and other lands to share the Heart transmissions of the stone with souls from around the planet. She assists in the re-connection of the Heart within with the Heart Above… with Pachamama, our mother Earth and with the collective unified field of Love. Anahata’s deep reverence for the Amazonian healing traditions with plant teachers like Ayahuasca, Wachuma, etc, inspires her to organize healing retreats with the plant spirits and shamans in Peru and India. A holder of Peace, Freedom, Light & Love, Anahata embraces every soul as a unique gift with infinite potential, beauty and power.

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