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Anouk Aoun Bio

Attending my first class back in 1997 Yoga soon became a daily practice, in and beyond its physical aspects. After many years of practice I completed my teacher training with Brahmani Yoga in India. Since 2010, under the guidance of Julie Martin I have been teaching at several of Brahmani’s Teacher Training programs and public classes of Asana, Pranayama and Meditation. When not in India I live in Bali where I teach public and private classes and at the Intuitive Flow Yoga teacher training.

Today, my sharing of these practices is deeply inspired by my heart teacher and partner Emil Wendel.

Working with breath, movement and meditation Yoga allows me to reach a center point in which I feel a sense of stillness and attentiveness, a place out of which I feel content and grounded. From this place, I am able to share life with other Beings around me in a harmonious and joyous way.

I see teaching as an act of giving and devotion; my intention is to guide and inform my students, and to encourage us all to remain inquisitive, adventurous and non-dogmatic along the mysterious and magical journey that life is.

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