Babita Raj

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Babita Raj Bio

As a free spirited guide
Babita is an extraordinary guide and mentor who has assisted thousands of people across the world to release all obstacles and bondage thus leading to a conscious life of bliss and freedom. Her ability to understand and empathise with each person deeply and distinctly comes from her sensitive and compassionate nature. Her innovative and practical strategies include discovering and using one’s inner resources to recreate the mind. Her fundamental and simple processes empower enough to be in charge of oneself and one’s life. Her intense and tireless work and mission is done without much frills or fanfare as her focus is to liberate people

Her journey of self realization, internal harmonization and personal freedom took her to several countries, philosophies, masters and learning. She is adept in Yoga, Zen philiosphy , Hypnotherapy, Rekhi, Osho, Karmic healing , Energy healing , The Bhagvad Gita, Kalari Paytt and beyond. Her associations with masters, her learning and her miraculous experiences have elevated and expanded her higher consciousness making her a guide in her own right. She is now a practitioner of a powerful form of energy and healing and she shares her gifts and power with people who will carry on the legacy and spread the secrets of “Aham Brahmasmi “.

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