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Charles MacInerney E-RYT-500 Bio

Charles MacInerney, E-RYT-500, has been at the forefront of the Yoga Revolution since 1989. Since 1992 he has led over 150 yoga retreats all over the world and continues to refine and improve on these retreats.

He was one of the first yoga teachers in the country to take yoga into the business world (including Apple, 3M, Motorola and IBM), hospitals, government agencies, nursing homes, schools (K-12) and three Universities. He has spoken at Yoga Conferences on integrating Spirituality into the work place and is co-founder of the Heart of Business Conference in 1998-99.

At the University of Texas in Austin he developed specialized yoga programs for the departments of Dance, Music, Art, Kinesiology & Health, the Women’s track, golf and volleyball teams, the campus dormitories, the faculty recreation program, and informal classes. In addition, he started yoga programs at the Texas School for the Blind, Seton Hospital, the Austin Heart Hospital, and worked with at-risk-youth.

Charles is a gifted generalist. Most teachers are happy to be considered an expert in any one area of yoga. Charles has earned that reputation in multiple areas. This is perhaps best exemplified by the range of subjects on which he has been published or quoted by major publications. He has written articles for Yoga Journal on Protecting the Knees in Pigeon, and Setting the Pace for your Home Practice, and he has been interviewed and quoted for YJ articles on Cardiac Yoga, Yoga for Overweight Students, Yoga & Creativity, Outdoor Yoga, and Yoga & Writing Retreats. He has been interviewed by the Chicago Tribune for articles on Visualization for Stress Management, and a piece on Meditation. The Washington Post interviewed him for their story on Yoga in the Workplace. The Wall Street Journal for an article titled Yoga’s Appeal Stretches to Athletes. The Texas Monthly interviewed Charles for the Women’s Wellness column on Yoga, and the The Houston Chronicle sent a reporter on a three day retreat with Charles, who wrote about it in an articled called A Yoga Retreat for All Types. In addition, Charles’ work with at risk youth earned him a place on the Panel Discussion for the South West Yoga Conference.

Charles is a pioneer in the development of the yoga retreat movement. Since 1992 he has led almost 100 three and four day retreats in Texas and Massachusetts, and over 50 retreats in exotic locations including Costa Rica, Guatemala and Mexico. Charles and Patricia Lewis, his writing partner, were the first to combine Yoga and Writing into a retreat, and they have now led dozens of these popular retreats in the US and abroad. Of the dozens of teachers now leading Yoga & Writing Retreats, over half are students of Charles and Patricia.

Over the past 25 years Charles has worked hard to lay the groundwork for Austin to emerge as an international center for yoga. In addition to teaching yoga to over 20,000 students, he played a significant role in the formation and continuing success of the Austin Yoga Teachers association, through which he co-founded Austin’s Free Day of Yoga which has been offered every Labor Day since 1998. He was instrumental in Austin hosting the Southwest Yoga conferences in 1999 and 2000, not only presenting but also serving on the advisory board. In 2000 he co-founded the Texas Yoga Retreat, which now attracts teachers and students every year from across the state and beyond.

Through the Living Yoga Program, which Charles co-founded in 1999 with Donna Belk and Ellen Smith, he has personally trained and certified over 400 teachers. Austin now has more registered yoga teachers than San Francisco, and perhaps the highest density of registered yoga teachers per capita of any city in the world with ten times more teachers per capita than New York! Graduates of the Living Yoga Program are now teaching yoga in 42 states and 14 countries.

Charles continues to work hard to support the Austin yoga community, most recently helping to bring the International Association of Yoga Therapists annual international conference to Austin in June, 2014. But what Charles is perhaps best known for locally, is his free outdoor Full Moon Yoga class which has been meeting monthly for almost 20 years.

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