Debby Sugarman

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Debby Sugarman Bio

While working on environmental issues in her twenties, Debby Sugarman realized that the issues she cared about were won or lost based on the strength or failure of human relationships and the effectiveness of interpersonal communication. Hoping to be part of more effective endeavors, Debby became a connoisseur of all forms of group and interpersonal communication. She became trained in mediation, studied various forms of meeting facilitation including a 2 year class with Laird Schaub, and immersed herself in personal growth work and experiments in group dynamics. Debby has facilitated Heart of Now personal growth weekend workshops and evenings in the DC area for many years. Along with Sarah Taub, Debby developed a training for ZEGG Forum facilitators focused on breaking down the facilitation process into its different aspects and creating exercises for participants to practice new skills. Debby has enjoyed experimenting with bringing a new culture into her workplace, a 30-person nonprofit retail store. She adapted a version of ZEGG Forum and led a monthly Forum at work for 3 years. She also taught a monthly leadership training workshop for new managers.

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