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Desert U Retreat Bio

The Idea behind:
Desert U as in the desert is U. You carry the silence of the desert within, you just have to shake the dust off first.

U as in Universe. The Universe provides you with everything you ask for, but ultimately you carry that universe already inside of you.

In the desert, by being disconnected from the hectic always and everywhere connected modern technological world, you re-connect to the Universe, hence you reconnect to your own innate power.

U as the central vowel of the word OM (A-U-M).

U as in Union, the meaning of Yoga.

Tune into yourself, tune into the desert and listen to the U, your own inner voice. Settle. Breath. Relax.

How we work:
We work with several creative approaches to open yourself to your own powerful energy, drawing insight from years of practical learning of multi-disciplinary approaches such as Yoga (Therapy), Holistic Healing, Bodywork, Meditation techniques from India to Latin America, guided and active meditations, Reiki and Massage Treatment. Our retreats will always combine several techniques to bridge the subtle (female) energies with the active (male) energies that we all inherit.

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