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Don Thomas Bio

Don Thomas has been trained and is a Sufimaster, Trancetherapist and Life Coach with more than 25 years of experience coaching people. 

“It’s not about teaching someone
nor preaching to someone
it’s about reaching someone.”

To do this, Don Thomas puts you into a deep state of meditative trance to have a moment of rest from your never ceasing thoughts and to get tuned to a part of yourself you normally have no access to. Your mind comes to a rest and you step over from yourself to Yourself. New feelings, new sensations, new perspectives will arise from that contact and little by little you will perceive life in a different way.
The world will not change, but you will see and live it in a different manner.

“Don’t ask how, say wow !”

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Soul Diving Retreat Ongoing Program

From 212 USD

Andalucía, Spain

Ongoing weekend Soul Diving retreats in a small Andalusian mountain village.