Dr. Giavanni Washington

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Dr. Giavanni Washington Bio

Giavanni Washington, MPH, Ph.D. brings her passion and gratitude for the transformative power of the drum every time she plays or facilitates a rhythm-based event. Her adult life has been completely shaped by the dunun and rhythms of West Africa. She received her doctorate in Culture and Performance from UCLA. She has studied sonic traditions and performed throughout many countries in the world, including: Brazil, Burkina Faso, Cuba, Ethiopia, Guinea, Jamaica, Japan, Kenya, Senegal, Trinidad, Uganda, and the United States.
Dr. Giavanni believes that everyone deserves and is entitled to recognition; a philosophy epitomized in the facilitated drum circle format, where every voice is equally valuable. Dr. Giavanni facilitates rhythm-based events because she is dedicated to creating and providing a sonic platform through which people can safely explore and transform their relationship to self!

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