Eduardo Chavarria, Bio-Energetic Counselor

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Eduardo Chavarria, Bio-Energetic Counselor Bio

Eduardo Chavarria has extensive knowledge in Mayan archeology sites, as he once worked them. As well, Eduardo is trained in curanderismo by his people and is a Bio-Energetic therapist of over 30 years, trained in Mexico City.

In 2011, Eduardo experienced a heart attack, first at the top of the Coba temple, and then lived with heart failure. Told he had 2 weeks to live, he now has a new heart! A miracle among many…The Eduardo & Heather, the retreat leaders, have personal and deeply spiritual stories, activations and connections they would love to share with you at these sacred places…places many of our souls are just NOW returning to. Not to mention the rejuvenation, joy and play that can be had! WELCOME HOME! The Activate Your Bliss Tour leaders have learned along the way their past life connections to this sacred place on Earth and wish to share that information during the ride…

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