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Elsa & Carey Stokes Bio

Elsa was born extremely intuitive with the gift of prophecy, A renown Medium and Angel Communicator she is the author of “Dare To Be Limitless, When the Angels Take Your Hand”, and creator of “Angel DNA Health Practitioner®” certification training program. She is sought after all over the world for private readings and healing. She has a private practice in South Florida.

Carey is Certified as a Master Practitioner of Energy Medicine, and has been traveling to the High Andes of Peru individually and with groups working with Shaman Elders of the Q’ero Nation for close to a decade. He has spent many years with Native American Wisdom Keepers in North America as well, leading retreats to both North and South America. He is a Certified Yoga instructor for both children and adults and holds class on Retreat.

Through the traditions of the medicine way he helps create sacred space and support for ones own personal empowerment, growth and healing.
Carey teaches, lectures, holds workshops and retreats, and has a private practice in Energy Medicine South Florida,

His passion to understanding the indigenous way of living in balance and harmony brought him to hold a safe and sacred container for those to have an authentic experience with true Medicine people and Wisdom Keepers of the Americas.

He is Founder of The Medicine Way University “Exploration, Studies,Trainings & Retreats in Indigenous Energy Medicine of the Americas”

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