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I started with yoga 5 years ago, while before playing soccer, doing fitness and martial arts.
Until now , i learned that yoga is for everyone and that yoga is an inner practise what you can do all your life, and what gives you benefits on and outside the mat. My first teacher is my wife Miguidet who had the patient and love to teach me the basic steps of yoga.
Every morning i practise hatha or ashtanga yoga and my life changed in a positive way the last years. I had in the past years many different teachers and went to India to practise with Sharath Jois. in New York and Mallorca i practised with Eddie Stern, in the Netherlands i practised and did workshops with Clayton Horton,Mariela Cruz, Gibran Gonzalez, Max Czenszak, Nuno Vintem and many others. In the netherlands i teached Hatha,Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga. Now i am really happy to give together with Miguidet the Yogaretreats in a beatiful place in thebhqrt of Malaga,for everybody who does yoga or want to learn it. One important lesson in yoga, it is your own practise ,no ego and no showing of and everybody is equal, young or old,flexibil or stiff we all can do it! In India i got the certification of Ayurveda massaga and Ayurveda cooking at the ADHN institute Gokulam.

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