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Heather Straube Bio

Heather Straube is an Intuitive Counselor, Psychic Coach, Medium of the Divine, Writer, Teacher & Speaker in Portland, OR and worldwide. She is the the founder of the EarthAngel Institute & SoulShine Mastermind. Heather is an old soul who has come to assist humanity at this time during the Great Shift, representing sacred energies here on Earth, such as White Buffalo Calf Woman and other Ascended Masters.

Heather is a multi-dimensional worker, clairaudient, clairavoyant, claircognizant, and clairsentient and comes from a long line of psychics. She is certified as a Reiki Master in the Usui tradition by Chery Esau (R.N., Reiki Master Teacher), trained in Ancient Mystery Schools and Bio-energetics, and is well versed in Star Nation cosmology.

Heather Straube holds a BA in Anthropology/Gender Studies and a Masters in Teaching from Lewis & Clark College and received a Who’s Who of Teachers in America (2007). Heather is a member of The Shift Network and Unity Campaign. She also started and directed Quaking Grass community center in Portland, where many soul family reunions and portal activations for Christ Consciousness took place, with the direct assistance of the Ascended Masters, Angels, Devic Nature helpers and StarFamily.

Heather has been a cultural creative in Portland for over two decades, from her social White Buffalo Calf Womanjustice activism to creating multicultural curriculum for Portland Schools to her leading a Songwriters in the Round.

Heather has appearaned on KBOO Radio, KGTV, public television, St Johns Sentinal paper, Sacajawea Alternative Press and speaking engagements on such varied topics such as spiritual development, EarthAngels, ascension, multicultural education & racism and social justice topics.

Some speaking venues include: Lewis & Clark College Gender Symposium, churches, New Renaissance Bookstore, Quaking Grass Community Center, Canopy, Breitenbush Retreat Center, public protests, Take Back the Night, Portland Public Schools Board Meetings, Lincoln Site Council, among others.

Heather taught at top notched schools for over 12 years until she found her true purpose for assisting humanity at this momentous occasion.

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