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Jaime Lehner Bio

Jaime Lehner, MBA, MS, helps people reconnect to who they truly are, align their lives with their soul’s calling and live in their true power. She uses a unique combination of energy and consciousness work, counseling and coaching to mentor men and women around the world to design a life of purpose and fulfillment. She has been working with sacred plant medicines in Peru for the last 5 years and has guided dozens in their work with ayahuasca. The teachings of the plants are often an integral part of her work with clients. She is a certified counselor through Interchange Counseling Institute, a certified yoga instructor through World Shamanic Yoga Institute and is completing certification in energy medicine through Luminous Body Integral School of Energy Medicine. Her higher purpose is to help people transform at the root of their being, so that their personal transformation ripples out into their interactions with others, their communities, and their relationship with the earth.

Jaime’s own soul journey started while working for 10 years as a business consultant and environmental engineer where she was unsatisfied and driven to find a way to feel like she was truly contributing to the planet. She explored yoga, meditation, counseling, plant medicines and energy work. She adventured out across the globe teaching yoga in the heart of the Amazon; installing solar panels in rural Nicaragua; working with a women’s fair trade clothing co-op in Peru; and most recently supporting entrepreneurs in Kenya. She dedicates a portion of her profits to environmental and humanitarian projects in South America and Africa. For more information, see www.jaimelehner.com.

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