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Surprisingly, Dreamwork moves us toward being more awake in the world. When we think of our day-to-day reality, we often think of the story of our lives. If you were to ask someone to tell you about their life, the average person might begin listing off the story of what has happened as an event stream in their life. But this stream of events is no more real than all of the story points that have been left out. We tend to rehearse the line of our story which we have come to believe is relevant to us or defines us. But it is this very storyline which actually reveals the habits and patterns of thought about ourselves which keep us stuck from truly being flexible and able to transform and adapt to what is a constantly changing reality.
Dreamwork – as I have learned it and now teach it – is the ancient technology of reversing and shifting out of these stuck patterns and habits to return to flow and possibility – the art of being fully present. Imagery and Dreamwork techniques utilize the power of the dreaming mind to heal, transform, repair and free us to be truly present in the world. My work carries on the essential process which has been passed down through millennia which teaches how to learn to listen and receive the inner messages of the dreaming mind in order to unravel the knots which appear to us to be holding us down from rising up from the ashes to become our true powerful selves.

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