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Jeanne Russel Bio

Jeanne is an Intuitive Reiki Master, Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner (ATP), trained Yoga Nidra practitioner and she has an extensive background in mathematics. She has swam with dolphins on the Big Island and on Kauai. After every experience, she has grown and learned so much from their wisdom, peace and joy.

“The dolphins have taught me to Open my Heart and Surrender, and even when I am not with them, I can connect to their vibration and their Joy! They bring an Inner Peace and a Memory that We are all One!” Jeanne Russell

Jeanne enjoys teaching as much as she enjoys learning. She has an extensive background in traditional studies. She received her Undergraduate Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Polytechnic University and then went on to get her Master’s Degree in Statistics from New York University, but her passion is in her healing and spiritual classes. She received her Intuitive Reiki training from Katherine Russell, of Allow Love. ( Her Angel Therapy Practitioner (ATP) training and Advanced Angel Therapy Practitioner (AATP)training by Dr. Doreen Virtue ( Amrit Desai was her instructor for her Yoga Nidra Professional Teacher Training ( and Master Hong Liu ( was her Qi Gong instructor.

Jeanne’s vision of a Healing Center devoted to the Energy and Vibration of the Dolphin came to her one night while doing Reiki on her husband. David had a nerve injury on all four of his extremities and while doing a session on him one beautiful evening on Kauai, Jeanne felt the dolphin vibration come through her to heal her husband. After the session, David remarked that he had never felt better. After that experience, Jeanne has enjoyed connecting with the dolphins while performing intuitive reiki on her clients. She calls this new type of healing modality “Dolphin Reiki.”

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