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Karen Rae’s Visionary Leadership programs of Self Mastery are a ground – breaking process of adventure, empowerment and radical growth and expansion.

Karen Rae’s unique work will help you truly discover what your greatest gifts and talents are and how to make your visions and dreams manifest in the world. She is an expert at helping people navigate the challenges and transits of these times.

She combines and weaves the spiritual and the creative and the practical in her work so you can find balance and expansion in all of these areas of your life.

Her integration of both indigenous and Celtic wisdom – combines the power of the arts, meditation, ancient wisdom with modern strategy and business savy for today’s world.

She brings luminous insights for women from every cultural background and helps them see the beauty of their own Blueprint.

She is A gifted singer, spiritual guide and international consultant for personal and social change. She has sung for presidents, sat with the Bushman of the Kalahari and served on the Steering Committee for the 4th United Nations Conference on Woman composing and performing a theme song for 40,000 women at the event.

For more information on workshops or to book a private consultation with Karen Rae go to:
email: karenrae@wisdomculture.com
or please call 510-292-9267

U tube and video links: Women Leading the Way

Radio links: Finding Wisdom in Times of Chaos


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