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Koreen Brennan Bio

Koreen has extensive experience in both permaculture design and in education. She has taught permaculture design at Pine Ridge Lakota reservation, Miami, Los Angeles, the first Florida Earthship, Tampa Bay, Sarasota, Gulf Coast University, Cuba and Tuskegee University.

She is a sought after public speaker, and has given hundreds of hours of lectures on permaculture. Her areas of expertise and passion are food forestry and food security, designing for resiliency, community building, and regenerative economics.

She has been involved in alternative education for close to 20 years and has been teaching permaculture regularly since 2006. She uses a variety of creative techniques and approaches to address different learning styles. Her goal is to assist her students to an understanding and competent application of the material and also make it enjoyable.

As a designer, her focus is on helping people create abundant edible landscape, self-sufficienct urban or rural homesteads, resilient small farms, and intentional communities. Specialties include soil building and remediation, water catchment and use, planning urban and rural integrated farming, reducing energy needs, and building more resilient finances and communities. She deeply appreciates the value of both beauty and utility, and so strives to meld aesthetics and practicality together to create designs that last, that work, that minimize care and expense, that produce abundantly, and are beautiful.

Koreen has a wide range of experience and expertise, from administering and organizing major projects and events, to nature awareness, so finds herself taking on diverse projects at times. She organized permaculture style disaster relief for thousands of Haitians living in camps after the earthquake in 2010, has planted thousands of trees in different locations in the US, and recently co-organized the North American Permaculture Convergence and a major natural building project at Pine Ridge reservation.

She has advised on public projects at schools, universities and on the Florida House “Green Home” project in Sarasota.

She enjoys working with others and loves to collaborate on both teaching and design work. She is available to teach permaculture anywhere in the world.

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