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Korina Kontaxaki Bio

Founder of Theatro Transcendental and the Transcendental Theatre Workshops, as well as the Yoga for Performers program.
Workshop Facilitator/ Playwright/ Actress/ Director/ Yoga and meditation instructor.

Korina has worked in the field of physical theater for the past 15 years in Athens and Cyprus. Over the past 4 years, she has combined yoga and theatre in productions and workshops with her theatre company, Theatro Transcendental.

Korina studied acting and directing in Athens.

She trained as a yoga teacher in ICYER –India.

In 2007, she founded YogaLife Holistic Yoga Centre in Larnaca, Cyprus, and in 2008 in Athens. She currently teaches yoga philosophy, yoga practice and meditation at YogaLife Cyprus. (www.yogalifecyprus.com)

In 2011, she founded Theatro Transcendental, and currently works there as an actress, producer, director and playwright.

As a founding member of Theatro Transcendental, she has written and performed in:

1. “The Room of Unlimited Possibilities” (Cyprus 2010-2011/ Edinburgh 2011)
2. “The Jhiva of Nietzsche” (Cyprus 2011-2012, Edinburgh 2012)
3. “Here’s What I Know About Humans, by Lulu the Dog” (Cyprus 2012, Edinburgh 2012)
4.” Love Lies” (Cyprus 2013-14 , received an Honours Award for its script, and is nominated for best music award by the National Theatre of Cyprus)

She has also written and directed:

1. “Have I grown up?” (devised, directed in collaboration with Eleni Cosma) Transcendental Theatre Workshops – (Cyprus 2012 )
2. “The Essence of the Inseparable” (adapted from Kazatzaki’s Askitiki) Transcendental Theatre Workshops (Cyprus 2013)
3. ”The Plastic Age” (Devised in collaboration with movement instructor and acclaimed choreographer Dominiki Evstratiou) (Cyprus 2014)
4. ”Hippokratous 41, Block 3” (Devised) Transcendental Theatre Workshops (Cyprus 2014)
5. “Which Body?” (co-written with Eleni Cosma) for the National Theatre of Cyprus (Sept 2014)

In 2011, she created the Transcendental Theatre Workshops; a combination of Yoga practices, body expression and theatrical practice, offering sessions that provide equal training of mind, body and emotions for both professionals and amateur actors.

She has presented workshops at the National Theatre of Cyprus, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, numerous drama schools in Athens and Cyprus, and runs weekly Transcendental Theater workshops and Yoga for Performers sessions at the Theatro Transcendental Studio.

She also runs retreats on Yoga and theater.

in 2013, she launched the “Illusion of Separateness” project; a scheme which, under the Theatro Transcendental umbrella, creates productions and events which aim to free us from the illusion that we are separate, encouraging a sense of unity and oneness, and urging us to take responsibility for our actions.

Her goal is to introduce more actors from all over the word to the Transcendental theatre system, which aims to make the actor an “ethos maker”; responsible for strengthening the higher mind of the audience. For this purpose, the actor’s training should guide them towards becoming a pure vehicle of light, with a powerful energy both onstage and in life. Korina’s unique training methods combines well-known theatrical techniques including those of Grotowski and Stanislavski, with higher yoga practices which serve to transform the influence of the actor on stage.

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