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Leela Francis Bio

Detox/Embodiment Coach,
Raw Holistic Chef,
Massage Therapist,
Yoga, Ecstatic Dance, Trance Dance, Vividance Facilitator,

My passion and purpose is guiding you home; body, self and soul so that you live Vividly, Radiantly & Agelessly into the most authentic version of YOU!

I help you rediscover the power, wisdom and joy in your own body as a source of deep personal healing and restorative transformation – giving you the tools you need to thrive and grow, and to live each year more truly alive than the last!

I know the path of transformation well, because I’ve walked it myself. I spent my younger years struggling with body image issues, dysfunctional eating and dieting, striving for a “perfection” that didn’t actually exist. My self-esteem was tied up in my appearance and how I thought other people saw me. But two major life experiences helped me to change my perspective, and, eventually, to devote myself to helping others “come home”.

The first change happened when I was 16. With no warning, I suddenly, shockingly, lost my 49 year old father who suffered from a fatal heart attack caused by high blood pressure, stress and poor lifestyle choices. I turned to dance to deal with my grief, and the experience was profoundly powerful. Dance and movement helped mend my broken heart and soul, and I have remained in awe of their amazing healing powers ever since. I went on to become an internationally acclaimed explorative dance & movement facilitator, and continue to share the incredibly transformational gift of dance with people all over the world.

I’ve had the privilege of working internationally with thousands of people as a group facilitator, embodiment mentor, teacher of yoga, Nia, Trancedance, Dancing Freedom and keynote speaker. My passion for embodied power includes conscious eating as spiritual practice and aging with grace and radiance. I am a certified Pure Raw Holistic Nutrition Chef and Detox Coach.

I’m honored to have received the sacred calling of leading men & women back home to our bodies as a path to greater intimacy, vitality and life fulfillment. When I’m not traveling and enjoying beautiful people and gorgeous nature— I’m dancing through life with my amazing husband and our four-legged friends in Mexico or Washington State!

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