Lucine Eusani, M.A, M.Phil, RYT

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Lucine Eusani, M.A, M.Phil, RYT Bio

Lucine works with a diverse range of tools and modalities to assist people through journeys of healing and transformation. After her B.A in Poverty Studies from University of Michigan, she was awarded a Fulbright Grant to work in Colombia on healing and reconciliation with victims and ex-combatants of civil war. Her passion for somatic and emotional healing has led her to study with healers throughout the world, particularly 10 years in South America working with plant medicines, training in yoga, massage and energy work. In 2005 she completed her yoga teacher training at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. Lucine has been teaching classes, running workshops and researching the benefits of yoga for mind/body healing in many countries around the world.

Lucine believes that the gateway to healing and living our highest potential is embodiment; bringing together the mental, physical and spiritual dimensions of our beings. As a Rotary World Peace Fellow 2005-2007, she completed two Masters degrees in Conflict Resolution at the University of Bradford, UK. She continued to develop her interest in mind/body healing through her role as an advisor to the Colombian National Reconciliation Commission.

Lucine began working with Ayahuasca in 2001 and has worked and studied with shamans from diverse tribes and traditions throughout South America. In 2009 she began facilitating Ayahuasca workshops working primarily with female shamans in the Peruvian Amazon. Her relationship of more than a decade with Ayahuasca has offered her tremendous learning about the diverse traditions and usages of the plant medicine as a powerful healer and visionary ally.

A trained life-coach & social-emotional intelligence coach, as well as a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Lucine’s work now focuses on workshops and one to one coaching, and balancing her work/life passions with being a new mom! For more information about Lucine and her integral wellness coaching, check out her websites: and

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