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Ma Nithyananda Udaysree Bio


My name is Ma Nithyananda Udaysree and I am living enlightenment as a blissful yogini. Though I am a certified hatha yoga instructor, ordained healer and initiated meditation teacher, it has always drawn me to know about and experience the deeper spiritual aspects of yoga and its philosophy. The word ‘yoga’ itself is loaded with mysticism from its meaning of uniting and kundalini awakening to energy fields and the workings of a guru or enlightened master. Yoga is a science and lifestyle for those who dare and are ready to dive deep into the Self.

My own inner healing led me to spiritual psychology which I absolutely love. Spiritual psychology and yoga philosophy shake hands with ritualistic worship of the cosmic energy and studying many aspects of the age-old Vedic tradition. I am initiated as a spiritual healer channeling healing cosmic energies, completed the Inner Awakening transformational yoga and meditation program, and a short period of sannyas training.

I now facilitate groups and coach individuals to experience ‘The Science of Living Eternal Bliss’ in their lives and teach yoga students and spiritual seekers in Europe, India and the USA the ‘Yoga Journey to Wholeness’.

I am the author of ‘The Healing Power of Completion – An Amazing Journey from Childhood Trauma to Enlightenment.’ My spiritual autobiography is my extraordinary and inspiring life story of healing from sexual and physical abuse and abandonment in my early formative years through a process given by my guru, enlightened master Paramahamsa Nithyananda. The book will be available online and in bookstores by the end of 2014.

The meaning of my name ‘Eternally Blissful Shining Mother’ reflects the ‘shining’ as the self-effulgent light of pure consciousness – the tejas or inner light which is a by-product of the experience of the state of eternal bliss. My own path indicated by my spiritual name is to bring this inner light out, let it shine; and inspire others to let their light and life of possibility and wholeness shine too. Living Enlightenment is the process to achieve this and is part of my spiritual teachings.

Blessings! Let good happen to you.

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