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Nick Barrett Bio

About Nick Barrett

Nick Barrett is the author of books; ‘Spirit Guided Lucid Dreaming’ and the ‘Dreamscape series one’. Nick is also the website author for the Alwayz Lucid website and creator of fictitious cartoon character, Dr. Lucid.

Some mysterious force always guided the author’s journey from when he was a small child, what that force was exactly he wasn’t sure! He then made it his prime objective to find out the answers through his lucid dreams. Little did he know that he would one day locate and befriend (within the lucid dream state) a Spirit entity from another realm named Clifftoft. Today, he speaks with this guide regularly; during times of need and to access higher states of awareness. Throughout all that he writes and what is shared, Clifftoft is forever by his side advising him along the way…

Nick now dedicates his full time in sharing with others to help raise global consciousness whilst providing insight into the true nature of divine spiritual companionship and conscious dreaming.

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