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Peter Packard Bio

Acupuncture and Thai Massage Therapist

Before discovering Asia and all it has given me, I spent my days doing a host of interesting things to fill this exciting time between birth and death. Landscape gardening, interior design (by which I mean painting and decorating), restaurant work, an environmental science degree and activism, middle management in a blue collar company, a travelling bum, are but a few of my incarnations. But it was in 2000, in the month of my birth that I experienced Thai massage for the first time. That meeting was essentially a home-coming.

I had already started to fall in love with Asia after a Kayaking trip to the Nepalese Himalaya. But the introduction to South-East Asia cemented the relationship, that I believe will never end. I think I must have been an Asian man in a previous life. Thailand and Thai Massage opened the door to a career and lifestyle that I’d been searching for.

Thai massages’ wonderful passive stretching, pressing, twisting and opening techniques led me to the robust and vigorous methods of Tui Na. This was shortly followed by the introduction to the remarkable world of needles and acupuncture. The Chinese really have offered the world a wonderful way of observing the human condition and a fascinating method of finding harmony and homeostasis. Mixed with the Thais’ approach of trampling and sensitively ironing out the body, you definitely have a high chance of feeling good after these treatments.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have made repeat visits to Thailand and to China to develop my understanding and passion for these healing arts. The Bodyharmonics Centre in the UK was my first place of study into Traditional Chinese Medicine. Then experiencing acupuncture in the motherland, in Beijing, took me deeper into the applications and possibilities of Chinese medicine. Initially I worked in London with the Pure Medicine Group in Harley Street, London, before moving to Cheltenham and opening my own practice. There I also worked closely with an Osteopath, comparing ideas and case studies to broaden our understanding of the body.

I use the combination of energetic work with acupuncture with the physical work of massage and manipulation to find a way to optimal health. An acupuncture or massage treatment once a week for the rest of your life is my staple recommendation for everyone. Vale de Moses is a wonderful place to begin that habit if you’ve not discovered it already. I’ll be at Vale de Moses between May and October.

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