Poncho Cottier (E-RYT200)

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Poncho Cottier (E-RYT200) Bio

Authenticity, inspiration and transformation. Originally from Mexico City, Poncho spent the first part of his life attempting to become the person he thought others wanted him to be. His yoga practice began many years before he stepped onto a mat when he chose to leave a promising career in marketing to follow his dream of moving to Paris and becoming a photographer. Without knowing it at that time, he had embarked on a long journey of self-discovery, expansion and metamorphosis across the globe.

A few years later, whilst living in London, Poncho attended his first yoga classes as a way to release some of the stress from his second career as 3D modeller in film. Only two years after his first savasana, he packed up his life for the second time and set off on a one-way yoga/meditation journey through India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Burma and Thailand.

Since then, yoga has been a fundamental element of Poncho’s life. He has been blessed with the generous guidance of truly gifted teachers in different yoga styles including hatha, vinyasa, anusara, ashtanga, iyengar, and more recently taoist yoga & qigong, from which he has developed his own ynamic, expressive style with a strong focus on structural alignment.
From taking that first leap of faith, Poncho’s life has become a constant striving to uncover layer after layer to reveal his underlying true self. By sharing his life experience through teaching he inspires others to do the same. Poncho teaches joyful, profound, empowering classes from the deep knowing that it is possible to have every area of life be an authentic expression of oneself. He encourages his students to move beyond old paradigms and to bring the benefits of practice to life off the mat.

Looking for the underlying beauty in all situations and people, Poncho has a natural gift for human connection, empathic listening and appreciation. Apart from teaching yoga, Poncho is a Thai massage practitioner and communication coach. He splits his time teaching in Chiang Mai, Thailand and facilitating workshops and retreats in Europe, Asia, the US and his native Mexico.

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