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About Psalm


I’m Psalm Isadora, a yoga teacher, author and speaker specializing in health and sexuality. I connect with a worldwide network of students through workshops, videos, documentaries and trainings and now, through this website. I’m hear to show you it is possible to live a more passionate life.

“Everything is about sex, except sex. Sex is about Power.” – Oscar Wild

The Modern Woman’s Dilemma.

Sexual Disempowerment
There is an epidemic for the modern woman, she has become disconnected from her femininity and sexual power. In the fight for equal rights, women are expected to work like men, fight like men and have sex like men. But we are not men, we are women with a compleletly different kind of female power. That female power stems from our sensuality and sexual vitality. Women have become trapped in our heads like men. There are many reasons for the disconnection and repression.
What is the cause of this sexual disconnection for women?
Sexual Co-Dependancy
Lack of sexual literacy
Sexual Addiction/ Numbness
Mommy mode
Business Warrior

A woman who has become trapped in the masculine thinking state will not be able to blossom fully into her talents as a woman to create, nurture and inspire. Sadly, she will not experience her full orgasmic pleasure or her ability to give and receive love and pleasure.

The Biggest Secret: Shakti

Your magnetic female sexual power
In my own search for answers I travelled to India and learned about the female sexual power called Shakti. Modern women have been cut off from knowing about this power.
Women do you know how powerful you are? Look between your legs and behold the mighty yoni. This is the seat of your most female power- your sexuality and ability to create life. The female Shakti energy is incredibly dynamic, much more so than the masculine. It is the throbbing of the female Shakti that brings passion into our bodies and stirs our desires. From this primal desire all life is created. Shakti is feminine fire and passion.

I will show you how to tap back into your sexual power for more creativity, sensuality, pleasure and satisfaction.

Rock Bottom, Burnout and Bad Choices.
I was not always the empowered woman you see now. Before I found yoga, I was a broke single mom, 30 pounds overweight too depressed to get out of bed.
I looked for fulfillment and escape in relationships, sex and drugs.

When I found myself in an emergency room, I knew I had hit rock bottom.

When I got out of the hospital, it was clear that I had been given a second chance on life and that I had to take it. I discovered the science of yoga, and the connection I subsequently fostered with my breath and my body made me feel unconditionally loved.

I fought my negative patterns and showed up every day to change my body and my mind.

Yoga saved my life and from my first class, I knew my mission would be to share this powerful message with the world. So many people feel they are suffering. Yes, there is pain. There are also simple tools to heal and be happy.

Exotic Journeys and Secret Knowledge.
My love affair with yoga was so strong, I began dreaming of traveling to India to learn the practice on a deeper level. I risked everything I had to go on a journey for spiritual renewal and adventure for my soul. I felt like I had been sleep walking through most of my life and that my path was waking up my true potential and power.

I met my teacher in India and he taught me ancient secrets of Tantric Goddess worship and the Sacred Feminine. These practices of awakening through sensuality had been kept hidden and taboo for thousands of years. I had grown up on a religiously conservative hippie commune, and had never thought that sensuality had anything to do with spirituality. Quite the opposite, actually.

My teacher asked me to share these tools with women all over the world.

Yoga in the Red Light district of Calcutta

“Start embracing the life that is calling you and use your life to serve the world.”

I spent 3 years traveling to the red light district of Calcutta teaching yoga to women working as prostitutes there. Some had been sold into sex slavery and some had been born into the brothels.

At first I was scared to go into the red light districts; I always felt a fear of death there. I knew though that I had seen enough tough stuff in my life to make it through anything. It is strange that I often feel more comfortable in war zones and skid rows and third world countries than in suburbs with cookie cutter houses lining perfectly manicured streets. I feel comfortable around other people who were forgotten or left behind by mainstream society, the rebels in the ruins. Women are often on the fringes of society, and the red light district is a shadow of sex in the world. The women here are shamed into silence there in the fringes. They take care of their children and live their lives. I was lucky enough to be accepted into their world and spend time with them teaching them what saved my life: the feeling of happiness I felt inside my body when I did yoga.

“This is a happiness you can find in yourself no matter what is going on outside of you that you cannot control, I tell them when we do yoga together. People ask me what the yoga does for them. I say that it is the laughter and tears and the sharing our lives that brings strength and compassion to myself and these women who have been forgotten by society. I have dedicated my efforts to raise money for their children’s education so that the chain can be broken and the next generation can have better opportunities.

Information about a documentary I am making on this project, “SHAKTI: The Power of Woman” can be found here.

I also founded a non-profit called Courage to Rise, dedicated to women’s empowerment with programs in India and America.

Professional Bio:

Psalm Isadora is a yoga teacher, author and woman’s empowerment leader from Los Angeles, California. Before Psalm found yoga, she was thirty pounds overweight and suffering from depression and anxiety. After ending up in an emergency room, she realized that if she didn’t change her life, she would die. She has since taught thousands of people around the world the ancient holistic techniques she learned while studying in India. Her non-profit organization, Courage to Rise, provides yoga and empowerment training to sex workers in the red light district of Calcutta. Psalm lives with her son Gabe in Venice Beach.

Ancient science for modern evolution


Psalm Isadora (Kamakhya Devi) received Purna Deeksha with Guru Paduka and Sri Vidya Mantras in the Kaulachara which combines internal and external worship of yantras or persons. Her guru is Amritananda of Devipuram, Parama Guru is Svaprakashaananda Avadhuta of Anakapalle, and Kalyananada of Banares.

She has been asked to share and teach the practices from her lineage by her Guru. She has also studied Sufi practices in Turkey with her teacher, Mutlu Baba. Her classes blend Yoga, Tantra, Sufi and Mystical Christianity. She bridges the Eastern and Western practices with a good sense of

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