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Rachael Donovan Bio

With a fierce passion for personal and spiritual development, transformative processes, gender development, nature therapy and peace work, Rachael comes with a diverse background in integrated healing work and processes. Working across many cultures and contexts, her vision is to create increased global awareness and consciousness to bring more harmony and unity at the individual, community and global levels. It is her mission to facilitate women’s’ journey into the sacred feminine, to enable them to unearth their inner courage and souls purpose. Her commitment is to provide a safe place where women are encouraged to be totally present, to support one another emotionally and spiritually, and harness and sustain the powerful energy that is created when they do. She deeply believes that by sharing in this journey of deep feminine truth we can together reclaim personal power, heal past wounds and unlock the feminine source of Wisdom. Rachael has been living in Himachal Pradesh, north India for the past 3.5 years.

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