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Rae Chandran Bio

Author, workshop leader internationally, host of Egyptian Mystery School, master at channeling, counselor, and father of two children. Rae is married to a Japanese woman and is originally for India. He has lead trips to Egypt 15 times!! He has co-created a spiritual school that takes place on our Egypt Spiritual Pilgrimage. We will start in a circle every morning to share our intentions for the day. We will check in with each other often through out the day. This is a custom Pilgrimage with our travel agent travelling with us so we may make changes depending on the interests of our group. Many initiations happen, much downloading occurs, you get to answer ?’s and get answers, from Rae, plus acquire a feel for every day Egyptian life. We will go to farms, bazaars, and have tea with local people. We have experienced Egypt to be very safe and the local people friendly and full of humor.

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