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Sara Campbell Bio

Hi, I’m Sara Campbell, founder of Discover Your Depths, a training programme and philosophy which uses yoga, meditation and freediving to help people achieve personal transformation in all areas of their lives.

I discovered yoga and meditation over ten years ago during a time where my health was failing me due to stress at work and feeling constantly overwhelmed. Little did I know that the tools I learned for stress management, relaxation, clearing my mind and focusing my awareness on positive things, would just a few years later help me to become the deepest woman in the world, diving to over 100 metres on just one breath of air.

I use nature as my classroom – the depths of the ocean, or the silence of the desert. I welcome all my students to join me for walks and dinners in the mountains as well as physical challenge in the yoga studio and breath holding in the sea. Discover Your Depths is about learning that you are capable of so much more than what you’re doing now, or what you believe you can ever achieve.

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