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Shari Billger Bio

For the past seventeen years Shari Billger has traveled the world extensively, facilitating Flower of Life and other Workshops. In addition to her corporate America background Shari brings a rich, deep, and varied background to her calling as a certified Flower of Life facilitator. Shari is a certified acupressure and Holographic Repatterning practitioner, body energy worker, and Reiki master teacher, using Spirit as guide. She also is an ordained non-denominational minister with the Universal Brotherhood and the Universal Life Church, a published poet and artist, and teacher of meditation and experiential art therapy. When Shari lived in Wisconsin, she led mass meditations for world peace, love, and harmony, and promoted world-famous authors, including Betty J. Eadie, author of “Embraced By The Light”. Shari currently makes her home in Colorado.

In her Flower of Life workshops, Shari draws on many life-changing teachings and her own personal experiences in corporate America, owning her own business, facilitating workshops and healing others to rise to the challenge faced by those in the business world and to make the connections to a new way of feeling and being. “All of the left brain information and technical ability will not work unless the heart is centered,” explains Shari, “and the heart center is imperative as we move more deeply into the twenty-first century.”

As a seasoned facilitator and trained healer, Shari assists Flower of Life workshop participants in experiencing the importance of the integral relationships of a personal healing process, the opening of the heart to unconditional love for all life everywhere, and the dynamics of powerful sacred group interaction. Her FOL workshop was designed to give you advanced training during your three-day workshop as well. Shari’s workshop is literally a journey to the center of the heart, an intense reminder that love is all there is, all there ever was, and all there ever will be. People leave her workshops with tools that are life-changing on all levels.

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