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Summer Dien-Yoga Teacher Bio

Summer started her yoga journey in Doha, Qatar in 2010, where she was teaching English to kindergarteners at an international school. After attending her first yoga class, she immediately fell in love and has been dedicated to her asana practice ever since. She discovered Ashtanga vinyasa yoga in 2012 and was blessed to study with two excellent teachers who gave her a strong foundation in her practice: Prem Carlisi and Radha Duplex in beautiful Bali. Also during this same year, Summer started Vipassana meditation as taught by S.N. Goenka. She spent time in Myanmar in early 2013 visiting various temples and holy sites with other Vipassana meditators.

At Centered Yoga in June 2013, Summer received her yoga teacher training certification with Paul Dallaghan. It was during this time that she was also introduced to Pranayama in the Kaivalyadhama tradition and was fortunate to study with Paul’s teacher, Sri O. P. Tiwari.

Summer is grateful for the amazing opportunity to work at Samahita, teaching yoga and meditation, continuing to grow in her own asana and pranayama practice, and continuing to learn from her teacher Paul Dallaghan, her fellow Samahitians, and the students and guests here.

She firmly believes in taking her yoga off the mat by practicing kindness (ahimsa) towards herself and others, and spreading love through smiles and hugs.

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