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Titanya Dahlin Bio

As a Teacher in Dance: Titanya found Middle Eastern dance in 1982 when she was still in high school, and learned it from her godmother. She feels that she had extraordinary teachers and loves to give this feeling back to her own students. Attracted to the history and empowerment of this strong woman’s dance, and how she felt this strength in her own body, Titanya drank up everything that came to her and now is very knowledgeable in the culture and dance of the Middle East. Since then, she loves sharing and teaching this dance and it’s story to women to find their own empowerment. She began dancing professionally in 1990 in the nightclub scenes in San Diego and then quickly moved to Europe to continue her career overseas.

Titanya danced throughout Europe and had long stays in Germany and England. She found herself teaching women this dance and about their divine feminity learning to love themselves. Moving back to the United States, she formed the Bedouin Moon Dance Theatre in Boulder, Colorado and for 7 years, traveled with her troupe to many different dance performances and avenues. Titanya founded the Nightingale and the Performing Arts Company in 1997, and with it came a whole slew of creativity. She produced professional stage productions, such as The Goddess Dances, Rock, Roll and Bellydance and a 31 cast version of Scheherazade ~ The Veil behind the Blade.

Titanya now travels all over the world teaching Middle Eastern Dance. Since becoming more involved with her Mother’s work in 1996, Titanya has been incorporating Energy Medicine and the ancient Chinese Five Element system into her belly dance workshops, calling them Five Element Bellydance. Combining her teachings with her belly dancing sister, Dondi, they teach together at annual resort workshops in this very unique style. Titanya brings in a lot of spirtualism and “healing bellydance” while Dondi’ brings her precise technique and experience dancing in the Middle East. Their workshops are fantastic and having these two different teachers makes a well rounded class. They always have fun with lots of laughter!

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