Retreat Network understands that when working with (the “Site”) and any related sites, you are placing a lot of trust in us. This is why we constantly commit ourselves to protecting your private information. The Privacy Policy that has been outlined here was designed with that commitment in mind, and with the intention of protecting the privacy of any information that our users have provided. Visitors to the Site are choosing to accept the terms that have been set forth with this privacy policy.

What is “Personally Identifying Information”?

Personally Identifying Information, hereafter referred to as PIN, is any and all information that the Site may use for the purposes of identifying, contacting, or locating any individual to whom that information pertains. Examples of PIN include name, address, email address, telephone or fax number, information regarding a credit card, social security, and any financial profile of an individual. Information collected on an anonymous basis (without identifying a specific user) or information regarding demographics that do not identify a single individual is not considered to be PIN.

What types of PIN is collected? And why?

Visitors to the Site are not required to provide us with any personal information. If any user becomes a registered Site user, they will be asked for a few pieces of information, including: their name; their password; and their email address. Users can register by using their Facebook account as well, which will allow the Site access to limited information as offered by Additionally, the Site may at any time: save criteria regarding favorite retreat searches; invite users to review their experiences with other Site Members; or invite users to provide us with information about their experiences by taking a survey designed for this purpose. Search criteria that has ben saved on this site enables users to repeat searches without reentering search criteria they have entered before. Reviews of prior experiences are a valuable source of information for other Site users and Members. Completing surveys allows us to continually make improvements to our services, both at Retreat Network and on this Site. We will update information that we have about our Members, such as email addresses, when that information is provided to us. Those users that wish to participate in buying and selling on this site will need to disclose to us additional personal contact information, including their name, email address, state of residence, and their ZIP code. At the request of users, we will use contact information from the registration form to send said user information regarding our company, as well as to notify them about new items that are available. Customers’ contact information might also be used for the purposes of contacting the visitor when it is necessary; examples include notifications of site changes, prize giveaways, and the identification of unusual activity on an account or inappropriate content in a customer’s advertisement.

What organizations will collect information? 

Retreat Network will collect information on its members by allowing them to directly input that information, or by collecting data through our web host. As well as directly collecting information through these methods, our third part service vendors (including banks, clearinghouses, and credit card companies) will collect information. We cannot control the way that third parties make use of any collected information, but do ask for their disclosure as regards the way that they will use such personal information that Members and Visitors provide to them. Many of the third parties associated with us are intermediaries only, and only function as a link in the chain of distribution. The information that is given to these parties will at no time be stored, retained, or used by them. Note that regarding any information that is provided to third party sites that the Site links from or to, this policy does not cover that information’s privacy, and said information is protected by the third party site’s privacy policy.

How is PIN Stored?

Your PIN is kept in a secure database that is under firewall protection in addition to protection by host-based security. All passwords and financial information are encrypted using industry-standard encryption tools. No information is accessible to third parties or employees of Retreat Network except for the uses indicated in this privacy policy.

How will PIN be used by the Site?

PIN is used for the purpose of Site customization, to offer appropriate services to Members, and for the fulfillment of requests regarding selling and buying on this Site. Members and Visitors may receive emails regarding purchasing and sales opportunities that are available to them on this Site, research, or information that relates to the Site’s subject matter. PIN may also be used for the purpose of contacting Members and Visitors as a response to inquiries that they have made, or to offer them information that they have requested.

Who else will receive access to this information?

PIN may at any point be shared with Members that wish to evaluate potential transactions with other Members. Accumulated information about Visitors, including information regarding demographics of Members and Visitors, may also be shared with agencies affiliated with the site and any third party sites. The option to choose not to receive information or otherwise receive correspondence from us, or from agencies acting our behalf, is available.

Information Disclosure

We understand the importance of protecting your information. We will only disclose the information that we have on record regarding you in circumstances in which: you have agreed to disclose personal information (as this policy sets forth); or if the law requires or has authorized this disclosure.

The Collection of Other Information

Other information may be collected during Site visits. This information may include: the domain name that the Site was accessed from or your IP address; the time and date on which each page of the Site was accessed; or the browser used and the site pages that you accessed. We collect this information for the purposes of determining the popularity of Site pages and to identify the pages on which users are spending the majority of their visit. This data can help us make improvements to our users’ experiences on this Site. Additionally, accumulated statistical information (but not personal information) is sent to our service providers and other Members for the purposes of improving their Retreat Network membership.

Does this site use cookies?

This site uses cookies for statistical purposes and for site function only; they are not used by any outside persons for any reason. Users can visit the site without enabling cookies; however, their experience will lack many of the enhancements that the site provides.  Cookies may also be used for obtaining information about Visitors’ preferences and any services that they choose. Cookies may also be used to aid in security measures that help to protect our Members.

How can visitors make corrections to inaccurate PIN?

Both Members and Visitors have the option to contact us (link) if they wish to update any PIN that we have on file, or to make corrections to any inaccurate information by either contacting us (link) or logging into their account on this Site, where they have the ability to update their own information.

Can a Visitor delete or deactivate PIN collected by the Site?

Members and Visitors have options for the deletion or deactivation of any PIN from the Site’s database by directly contacting the site (link). However, backups in addition to deletion records mean that it may not be possible to completely delete a Visitor’s entry from the site entirely without retaining information. Any person who requests the deactivation of any PIN will have it deleted on a functional basis, and this information will not be sold, transferred or otherwise used in any manner from that point on.

What choices are available to Visitors regarding information and its collection, distribution, and use?

Members and Visitors who do not wish to receive unsolicited information from us or who otherwise wish to choose not to receive correspondence from us and/or our vendors or any other agencies affiliated with the site may do so by sending a response to these emails in the manner prescribed, unsubscribing using the unsubscribe link, or by direct contact with us.

Links to External Sites

Links to external sites may be found on this Site. Note that clicking on any external links will move you to web sites not under the jurisdiction of this privacy policy. We encourage all users to examine the privacy policies of these sites, as they may be different than those of Retreat Network.

Junk/Unsolicited Email

Retreat Network will only send email to users in the following circumstances:

  • If you have subscribed to the site’s email service, we will send you messages to inform you of our latest offers, in addition to any current promotions or specials. Users who wish to stop receiving these emails may log on to their account on the Site, from which they can update their profile to indicate they wish to unsubscribe, or they may respond to any email that they receive with a request to unsubscribe.
  • If you are nominated by a friend to receive information from us, you will receive an email. Any email that you receive will have been sent on the part of that friend. In these circumstances you will receive not receive any more email from the Site, as Retreat Network does not record these email addresses.
  • If you have made an information request regarding our services you will receive this information via email. However, we will not add you to our email list. We will only email you with material concerning the issue that you have requested information on.
  • We will contact you if you provide us with these details upon completion of a user survey.

Be aware that email functions as a tool in the sales of listings on this Site. We do not use spam or bulk mailings as a sales tool. In the event that you receive email via Retreat Network that has not been solicited, you have received it because you are a provider of retreat or event production services. In the event that you have chosen not to list your services with Retreat Network, or you have opted for removal from our contact database, then you may simply send an email response to inform us that you have no interest in having a listing on the Site.

If You Need to Send Us Information

We will do everything in our power to secure your data. However, there is no 100% secure option for data transfer when using the Internet. Any information that you choose to share with us should be done so on your own discretion. There are several steps that you can follow that will help you to ensure the privacy of any information that you share: remember to always log out and shut down your browser after every session; and be certain your emails and personal information are unable to be accessed by others if you are using a computer that you share with others or a computer that is available to other users in a public setting.


The Site will not collect any kind of personal information from any minor under 18 years of age. All site users must give us confirmation the individual is age 18 or over before they can provide us with any personal information.

In the Event of a Privacy Issue

If you have reason to believe any individual or organization has mistakenly been able to gain access your personal information; if you have reason to believe we have broken our obligation to your privacy under our policy; or have any questions or concerns regarding this privacy policy, please contact us. We will attempt to correct any errors that have been made on the part of the Site and will attempt to help you with any questions or concerns regarding privacy that you may have.

Notification of Privacy Statement Changes

The privacy policy outlined here indicates the privacy standards that are in effect at this time. Be aware that this privacy policy may be subject to change over time. You will be notified of changes to this policy by the publication of the most up-to-date policy on this Site. Be aware that if we change our privacy policy, and if there is a possibility that this change might lead to the disclosure of PIN that Visitors or Members have previously requested be kept undisclosed, we will make contact with such individuals to allow them to prevent this from occurring.