Regular Events & Ongoing Programs Explained

Our vision for is to become the of the wellness, personal development and spirituality niche.

We worked hard to develop a platform that can support different types of events, which require different types of registrations.

In this blog post we’ll explain in depth the different event types, and how to add your events so that they are optimized for booking.

We currently support two kinds of events: Regular Events and Ongoing Programs.

Regular Events

Regular events are events that have specific start date and end date. For example, a Yoga Teacher Training that starts on October 7th and ends on November 4th.

Now, let’s say this Yoga Teacher Training happens every month, at exactly the same place, with exactly the same presenters and for exactly the same price.

To save you the effort of adding each event separately, we developed the ability to add multiple dates to the same event, by clicking on the ‘+’ icon like in the attached screenshot:


On the front-end, users will see the event come up in their search results once, though in fact each instance is a separate “product”, so they will be able to select and book the dates that work best for them. This is how it looks like on the front end:


Ongoing Programs

Ongoing programs are programs that can start on any date. Some programs are of fixed length (e.g. 7-Night Yoga Vacation) and some are of flexible dates (i.e. check-in at any date and check-out at any date).

Our platform supports both, and it’s important to understand how it works exactly.

For a fixed length program (e.g. 10 nights), select the following options:


For this type of program, the “Ticket Price” and “Sale Price” you provide in the Ticket Information section are for the entire program – just like a regular event.

On the front end, when the user selects their check-in date, their check-out date is calculated automatically based on the length of the program (in this case, 5 nights):


For a flexible dates program, in which we don’t know in advance the number of nights, you are required to provide the “Price per Night”, as shown below:


Once the user selects their desired check-in and check-out dates, their total price is calculated by multiplying the price per night by the number of nights they selected.

Ready to go? Add your event / Program by clicking here.

I hope this was helpful, and as always, please feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions.

We are grateful to be of service!

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