Retreat Network Invites Teachers, Elders & Wisdom Keepers to Create Their Profile

One of the most important component of the network we are weaving is the Teachers, the Elders and the Wisdom Keepers that facilitate healing, personal growth and awakening for the rest of us.

These people, who are committed to being in service for others, are dear to our hearts, and we want to support them and empower them!

If you are Teacher, an Elder or a Wisdom Keeper, you’re invited to join our network and create your Teacher Profile.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll get:

  • You will be found in Google and by our site visitors
  • Our visitors will be able to follow your profile and get a notification about your events and programs, and share your profile on social network
  • You can invite your students, friends and colleagues to write testimonials
  • You can use your Retreat Network profile as your teacher page and share it anywhere
  • Retreat owners and event organizers may contact you and invite you to teach at their retreat / program
  • Your profile will be shared across our social network (check out our “Masters, Teachers, Elders and Wisdom Keepers” board on Pinterest)
  • You’ll be able to publish articles in your area of expertise

Creating your Teacher Profile is simple, quick and absolutely free.

Create Your Profile

Share your wisdom

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