RetreatNetwork Offers More Flexibility for Listing Programs & Events

Dear Retreat Network members!

Over the last few months our community has grown and we now have thousands of members offering places and events that work together elevate the body, mind & spirit! It is a pleasure to watch our community expand in numbers and diversity, and we are grateful to be of service and support the important work that you do.

During this time we’ve been in constant communication, we’ve listened to your feedback, and worked hard to improve the site and increase the value that we provide – so that you can increase the value that you provide.

We’re excited to announce the following enhancements that offer greater value and flexibility when listing new programs and events:

Creating your Retreat Network Presenter profile is free

You can create a complete profile including bio, images, video and links to your website and social network profiles.

2 Membership Types & Three Commission Structures

We recognize that different members have different pricing structures and marketing needs, so we are now offering two types of membership:

  • Pay As You Go for a one time listing
  • Annual Membership to list an unlimited number of venues, events & programs.

The Annual Membership (Diamond) is $249 (now and for a limited time: $224), and then our commission on bookings is 3%.

For Pay As You Go, we offer three options (for each program you list):

  • Topaz Plan – Free listing with a 15% commission on booking
  • Ruby Plan – $49 (now and for a limited time: $44)listing fee with a 7% commission on booking
  • Sapphire Plan – $99 (now and for a limited time: $89)listing fee with a 3% commission on booking

You Choose the Deposit Amount

You can now set the deposit amount to fit your needs, or request full payment at the time of booking. We know that sometimes you need to invest money in advance to secure the location and for other expenses, and we want to make it easier for you to provide outstanding retreats. Keep in mind that when the deposit is lower, it is easier for people to commit.

You Choose Your Refund & Cancellation Terms

It is now possible for you to indicate your own refund & cancellation terms, and we present it transparently to the user at the time of booking.

Discount is Optional

If you’d like to make your retreat more attractive or fill up remaining spots, you can set a “sale price” lower than the full price. If you do, the discount percentage will show up in the program title, and your listing will get a priority in search results.

Extra Exposure

For those of you need some extra exposure, we are offering three marketing packages:

  • Blog article written by you and reviewed by us with links to your listing – $79
  • Social media promotion of your listing – $79
  • Newsletter promotion of your listing – $79
  • If you’d like to have all three as a package, the cost is $179

Promotion is available during the event submission process, and also directly from your Dashboard. To get to your Dashboard, click the “My Dashboard” link under the “Me” menu at the top right, and click on the PROMOTE button next to the event (or venue) you’d like to promote.

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