Why Retreats Are The Best Way To Travel

Vacations can be surprisingly stressful. The opportunity for relaxing our bodies and renewing our spirits all too often becomes a whirlwind of unpleasant challenges. While traveling on your own to an exotic land sounds fun and exciting, transportation setbacks, poor food, cheap alcohol, language barriers, surprise expenses, and petty criminals can end up taking all the peace out of your experience and leave you physically exhausted and emotionally drained. .

Here’s a better alternative: Instead of handling all the details on your own, and putting yourself at the mercy of whatever you might encounter in various situations, you may want to explore the benefits a healthy retreat has to offer. Retreats combine the excitement of travel with the nurturing of a safe and carefully designed environment.

Costa-Rica-yoga-retreat-room-insideRetreats are usually all-inclusive, offering comfortable accommodations, nourishing food, healing activities, and nature excursions. Some retreats include ground transportation and transfers, taking care of every part of your journey other than the airfare and visas. Healthy retreats transform what could be stressful journeys into restorative adventures. This means you will return home healthier and happier than when you left, instead of exhausted.

Since retreats usually include the cost of most meals and activities in the retreat package, they will save you money over paying for each individual meal and activity separately. And knowing the entire cost of your vacation up front will help you plan and budget accordingly, without the fear of running out of money because of unforeseen expenses. Additionally, once you booked your retreat, you won’t have to deal with money for the rest of your trip, which lets you focus on having the best experience possible.

massageIf you are looking to explore the connection between your body and mind, yoga retreats offer the transformational power of yoga in peaceful sanctuaries. Instead of gaining weight from eating whatever food you are able to find vacationing on your own, you might be able to get into better shape on a weight loss retreat. If you are in need of more mental clarity and peace, a mindfulness retreat might be the perfect thing.

Whatever really helps you relax and enjoy life is most likely available on a retreat. From surfing in Costa Rica to learning how to give massages in Thailand, you can explore new vistas and learn new skills, without having to worry about all the details that are usually associated with those kinds of activities. Depending on your interests and needs, you could attend an event that transforms your entire life for the better.

Everyone needs time away from the busyness of life to relax, rejuvenate, and explore new parts of the world. But trying to plan a trip a la carte can be expensive, frustrating, and stressful. Take the stress out of your vacation experience by enjoying a retreat. You can participate in your favorite activities, learn skills and techniques, restore your health and well-being, and do it all with more ease and pleasure.

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