Sacred Travel: A Life Changing Experience. Are You Ready?

When I was a child and my parents would be planning a vacation that I was told about, the excitement would begin to well inside considering the adventures to unfold! My thinking would be consumed with daydreaming about what could take place and the anticipation would pave the way for untold hours of imagining. As the time came to pack and start the excursion, I could barely contain the enthusiasm to be immersed in the new environs and encounters to behold! Wide eyed with anticipation the journey started with all my sensorial inputs readied to be indulged with the onslaught of the new locale….

Sacred Travel 1So here we are, and the child I am seemingly grown up, though the indulgences that travel offer me, are borne out from that young boy’s imaginative memories – everywhere I went was sacred to me – filled with adventures neither hindered by polarity of circumstance, nor the people involved.

To be able to explore new places then, and Now, still sings high harmonics within my being as the investigator and explorer court the anticipatory edge of the unknown. Yes, Still Traveling! Maybe the unknown is Spiritual to me…

“Sacred Site” tours have that label probably because they have us look into the unknown, it’s history, affect, traditions, and the energetic immersed throughout the special place; Or, because the experience apprehended during the tour becomes spiritual for it diffuses the archetypal mind, allows for resistance and attachments to be acknowledged and rendered free, and Sourceful connections reaffirmed.

When one is “called”” to go to a specific Site, you know it. You can feel it… and then that apprehension comes into play: “Maybe there’s a connection for me there? Or, I will remember…” And, the security of feeling/being guided to go proffers just the correct amount of focus to manifest what is needed and the allowing to let it unfold. The rest is the wide eyed, child-like innocence of surrendering to what happens on the journey and willingness to Play.

Sacred Travel 2If you consider it true that “we are spirit having a physical experience”, then might it also be true that: the consciousness of these Sacred Sites are like going Home… For me, that has always been the difference between a vacation and a tour: Home is revealed as wherever I am, so “coming back” to the reality of friends, family, job, house, etc. is simply an embracing of my humanity – no separation or wishing the experience could continue; it always is. Traveler’s are We…

It is always an honor and a pleasure to participate in facilitating these tours as they are always unique and different by the very amalgam of connected energies and the community therein wrought. Yippee!

Article was written by Ce Ann and contributed by Joy Kauf, creator of the Teotihuacan 2015 As Above So Below I Am Here retreat, coming up September 29 in Mexico.

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