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The Sound of Spirit team will be traveling through the US in the upcoming months, and would love the opportunity to hold a concert at various venues along the way for the benefit & enjoyment of your guests and retreat attendees.

For more information, please contact Jim Thomas:
Phone: +1.410.756.6419

Here’s a description of the experience, written by Trisha Bowden, Vocalist & Owner/President of Mysterium Music:

As you step through the threshold of a gathering that will soon become a Sounds of Spirit concert you instantly start to connect with the environs. The room is glowing with candles and soft lighting, statues of archetypes, gentle waves on the air of the fragrance of tea leaves with a hint of sage.

Voices begin to quiet naturally and the urge to remove shoes and seek a special spot to create a nest of pillows and blankets on the floor takes over. A quick glance to the front of the room reveals an unusual and surprising array of musical instruments but also some curious objects that don’t seem musical at all. Every time I attend I see new and different sound creators.

As the group begins to relax into their comfortable nests, the musicians gather to begin. Jim Thomas and David Powell open the Sounds Of Spirit experience with a gentle soothing ceremony that subdues all nervous energy and opens the door for inner quietness.

Now with bodies at rest lying down in total relaxation, the sounds begin

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A gentle bell rings, a crystal bowl is struck and rings with a vibration that warms the heart, then another crystal bowl creates a harmonic junction that clears the mind. All we have to do is relax, eyes closed with no expectations. The sounds begins to build and change gently, slowly a didgeridoo played by Pitz Quattrone sounds deeply as if it is being pulled from deep within the earth creating a drone that sets the grounding space for all the other music and sound vibration.

Paul Thomas begins to tap lightly on a Hang Drum creating a melodic and ancient sound. Paul starts to chant and vocalize in overtone vocalizations. His vocals are mesmerizing and send us deeper into ourselves. They are rich and varied with amazing range, technique and texture. Some vocalizations are chanting to old spirits, some are calls to the wild. and some ring in the essence of outer space and the greater universe.

As the pulse of the music begins to increase the use of some very unusual and rare percussion instruments are played and added at very intuitive moments by David Powell, whose years of Shamanic and Native american studies have given him a natural gift for finding perfect timing for his organic sound effects. Jim Thomas fills in lovely flute melodic moments as well as using brass and crystal singing bowls , chimes and an ever changing variety of sound vibrational instruments. These instruments include Whirling Tubes, Whistling Vessel , Tuning Forks , Gongs , Small Bells , Thunder Tube, Wood Blocks, Chimes, Frame Drums , Tambura, Shurti Box , Brass Bowls , and Quartz Singing Bowls.

All four men add their voices and harmonies to create a rich vocal healing experience.

By this time in the sound journey, participants are having very individual experiences, deepening and deepening into their own meditative space.

Pitz and David start to move mindfully through the group on the floor, Pitz droning softly through the didgeridoo allowing the feeling of the earth’s life force to connect directly with the individuals, one by one. He points the didge up and into corners of the room and the ceiling using the acoustic s of the room to add to the depth of breath of sounds. David creates sounds that appear to float around the room and come from many directions at the same time as he steps lightly though the crowd using Whirling Tubes , tuning forks, bells and frame drums and many other sound /image creators.

The ebb and flow of the concert continues always changing, always continuing the inner and outer sensations. Ninety minutes seems like twenty and to be honest I leave my body every time about 2/3 of the way through the experience and have little memory of the last 1/2hr. or so of the sound experience, until I hear Jim quietly start to read a selected poem with an intention statement that we can take home with us. His timing is always perfect for the reemerging self as we slowly reconnect with the world. It is the best time to plant the seed of intention and I always remember the phrase for weeks after.

I have been so moved by my experiences each time, and attend every single Sounds Of Spirit concert I can. This music for the inner journey experience should be on everyone’s list who feels the desire to tune it to their deeper self!

Here’s what other people had to say about the Sounds of Spirit Concert experience:

“Each venue is magically transformed through this unique music and the musical minds of those who have chosen to wind their talents around their healing hearts.” read more…
– Sama, Hanover, PA
Medical Qigong Therapist

“From the very beginning “native peoples’” prayer, you will be welcomed into the gentle, rhythmic, currents of music. Lying on your back with eyes closed, your body becomes a softly breathing vessel into which music travels.” read more…
– C. C., Philadelphia, PA

“We became one with the Light, which felt totally joyful and timeless…This was so incredibly timely for me and so very strengthening and healing. I really can’t thank you all enough. And I thank Spirit for bringing me there.” read more…
– Diana, Montpelier, VT
Interfaith Minister
Author – Miracles, Magic & The Divine Spirit

For more information, please contact Jim Thomas:
Phone: +1.410.756.6419

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