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1. Privacy

Please read our Privacy Policy, which is an integral part of these Terms and Conditions.

2. Site Access and License Rules

Retreat Network sponsors the Site in order to ensure that you are provided with services and information that relate to people, places and events around the world that elevate the body, mind and spirit. You are granted, by Retreat Network, a revocable, non-exclusive, limited license use for personal purposes and otherwise access, for non-commercial reasons, the Site. You may use the site only for the purpose of searching for information related to retreats, festival, conferences, workshops and other events and places, and posting content such as reviews, as long as all actions comply with these Terms and Conditions. The Site may not be used for any reasons or purposes. No authorization is included in this license for collecting and using retreat listings, prices, or descriptions, or any other Site content, with the exception of noncommercial, personal purposes; nor may anything on the Site be reverse engineered, and any such use is strictly prohibited.

Users hereby agree not to interfere with Site operation, or take actions which place excessive load or the website. No framing technique or frame may be used to surround any proprietary content, logo, or trademark (including text, images, form, or layout) from the Site unless we provide express written consent. You may link to any of the Site’s pages, as long, by our judgement, the link does not depict Retreat Network in a negative way, or relate Retreat Network to objectionable opinions, services, or products, or cause any confusion for potential or current customers. No hidden text or Meta tags using Retreat Network’s trademarks or name may be used without our written permission. Any unapproved use terminates the licenses and permissions granted within this agreement automatically and may be cause for further legal actions.

3. Hyperlinks to Businesses Other than Retreat Network

Links to Members’ and partners’ sites are provided on the Site. Such links exist for the purpose of convenience to you and their presence does not suggest endorsement of the material on these sites or affiliation with the operators of the sites. We take no responsibility for evaluation or examining, and do not authorize any of the content or offerings of these companies or their sites. In addition, no liability or responsibility is assumed by Retreat Network for any content of third party sites, any of the services or products offered on these sites, or site operators’ conduct. When you browse to any other site, you agree to their terms and privacy policy, which may differ from ours. You should make sure that you review the terms and conditions and privacy policies of any of the sites you visit.

4. Proprietary and Ownership Rights

Any content on the Site, including but not limited to software, graphics, text, button icons, logos, images, audio clips, digital downloads, and data compilations, is Retreat Network’s exclusive property or the property of third party that provided it, and this content is protected by the copyright laws of the United States and international laws. Further, the copyrights, trademarks, and/or trade dress of Retreat Network include various names such as “Retreat Network,” as well as “RetreatNetwork.com,” “RetreatNetwork,” and any Retreat Network logos, graphics, button icons, page headers, service names, scripts, and the Site’s overall appearance and design. No copyrights, trade dress, or trademarks of Retreat Network may be used without the written consent of Retreat Network. Any of the displayed trademarks that Retreat Network does not own are their owners’ sole property, and those owners may be sponsored by, affiliated with, or otherwise connected to Retreat Network, or may not be.

5. User Accounts

When you register with the Site, responsibility is assumed for safekeeping of password and account information. You further take responsibility for your Site use and by anyone who has access to your password or account. Retreat Network’s services are offered exclusively to adults. We require those under 18 to have a guardian’s or parent’s supervision. We retain the right to terminate accounts or refuse service to anyone at our sole discretion. Spamming of any kind is strictly forbidden and users who spam risk their account being deleted without warning and being banned from the further accessing the site.

6. Comments, Reviews, and Visitor Content

Visitors may post comments, reviews, or other content, including but not limited to event info, venue info, presenter info, ideas, suggestions, questions, and other information, collectively known as Visitor Material. Should visitors choose to post Visitor Material, they may do so as long as they own the material. The material must also be accurate, and the material must not be illegal, threatening, sexually explicit, invading of privacy, defamatory, objectionable, or injurious to anyone in any way. Furthermore, you hereby agree that Visitor Material may not include software viruses, chain letters, commercial solicitations, or “spam” in any form, including mass mailings. Fake email addresses may not be used. You shall not impersonate or “spoof” any entity or person, nor may you post Visitor Material which is misleading regarding its origins.

Retreat Network retains the right to monitor, edit, or remove Visitor Material, although it is not obligated to do so. However, we do not normally evaluate Visitor Material, with the exception of verifying that spam is not present. Retreat Network is not responsible or liable for Visitor Material which is posted by you or third parties. You hereby indemnify affiliates of Retreat Network and Retreat Network themselves for any claims that result from Visitor Material you post. You agree to grant royalty-free, nonexclusive, transferable, perpetual, fully sub-licensable, and irrevocable rights to Retreat Network to reproduce, adapt, modify, sell, publish, translate, assign, distribute, display, or otherwise use any and all Visitor Material submitted by you. In addition, you hereby give Retreat Network as well as its sublicensees and affiliates rights to the name submitted by you in association with any Visitor Material.

7. Complaints Concerning Copyright

Retreat Network respects others’ intellectual property. Should you find that any of the Site’s content constitutes an infringement of copyright laws, let us know by contacting info@RetreatNetwork.com.

8. Loss Risk

Retreat Network is not responsible for services or products bought via linked Member sites. Damage and loss risk remain solely with the linked site’s vendor or with you.

9. Service and Product Accuracy of Descriptions

Retreat Network, along with its affiliates, strives for accuracy of the information provided on the Site. However, we do not guarantee that service and product descriptions, including pricing and other content, are accurate, reliable, complete, error-free, or current. If a service or product that a vendor offers on a linked site does not match the description, your only recourse is returning such service or product to the respective vendor (in accordance with their terms and conditions).

10. Liability Limitations and Warranty Disclaimers

Retreat Network provides this Site as well as the services, products, information, and materials on the Site, “as available” and “as is.” Retreat Network does not offer any express or implied guarantees regarding the Site’s operation or any content, information, products, services, or materials on the Site. Further, we disclaim any express or implied guarantees including merchantability, non-infringement, integration, data accuracy, fitness or quiet enjoyment warranties, express or implied, to the extent that applicable law permits.

Retreat Network offers no guarantees that the Site contains no errors or that it will be operated uninterrupted, or that email which is sent from the Site or its servers contain no viruses or are not harmful in any way. You hereby agree that utilization of the Site by you is solely at your risk. We are not responsible for damages that arise from utilization of the Site, such as incidental, indirect, direct, consequential, and punitive damages, to the extent of the applicable law.

11. Release and Indemnity

You hereby agree to hold harmless and indemnify the Site, its employees, affiliates, owners, and operators from expenses and claims such as attorneys’ fees that arise indirectly or directly from the utilization of the Site as well as the services it offers. Users of the Site release Retreat Network as well as its employees, affiliates, operators, and owners from demands, claims, obligations, debts, consequential or actual damages, expenses, and costs of any type of litigation, whether unknown or known, unsuspected or suspected, undisclosed or disclosed, against the Site which arises from or is related to its services in any way. You further agree that rights limiting the effects or such releases and agreements are waived.

12. Laws that Apply

You hereby agree that Israel’s laws, not regarding principles or conflict of such laws, govern this agreement as well as any type of dispute arising between Retreat Network and you.

13. Disputes

Disputes that relate to Retreat Network, its services, or the Site in any way will be resolved by exclusive and confidential arbitration, and that such disputes will be resolved in Israel. Nonetheless, we may seek appropriate relief, including injunctive relief, in a federal court or state within Israel appropriate for the extent to which you have threatened or violated our proprietary rights. In addition, you agree to venue and jurisdiction in these courts. In accordance with this agreement, arbitration will be carried out under the prevailing rules of the Israeli Institute of Commercial Arbitration. Both parties will be bound by the award of the arbitrator and the award will be considered a judgment by any competent court. To the extent that applicable law permits, no arbitration in keeping with these Terms and Conditions will be connected to arbitration that involves any third party also subject to this agreement, whether class proceedings are involved or not.

14. Modifications and Enforcement

If these Terms and Conditions are violated by you, or should you violate any of Retreat Network’s other rights, we retain the right to take legal action and any reasonable actions against you, which include, but are not limited to, terminating your Retreat Network account. Should we fail to enforce a provision or right set forth in this agreement, you understand that such failure shall not imply waiver of the provision or right or waiver of any rights or provisions in this agreement. We retain the right to terminate or alter any services or features without notice. We also retain the right, at our discretion, to remove or edit any content, alter the Site, or revise any policies including but not limited to these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice. As a user of the Site, you are bound by any such altered terms. For this reason, we recommend that each time to utilize the Site, you read the Terms and Conditions. Should any part of this agreement be deemed unenforceable, void, or invalid, then that part will be severed and this action does not affect any enforceability or validity of any provisions that remain.

15. Contact Information

Please contact us with any questions concerning this agreement, to make any comments or suggestions you may have, or to report any potential infringement of these Terms and Conditions or against the Site of which you may be aware.