It’s Time to Liberate the Divine Feminine

The Goddess was missing from pretty much every culture in our modern history. This is most likely the main reason why Mother Earth is suffering right now… while the masculine is great at building, developing and achieving, the feminine aspects of nurture, wisdom and creativity are just as essential for Life to thrive.

Women's Retreat ~ July 2016, Spain ~ Tantra & ShamanismIn the last few decades, women have fought against patriarchal oppression. Now we see women CEO’s and leaders across the board, and there is a good chance we’ll have the first female US president before this year comes to an end.

Are we doing well? Have we arrived at the promised land? Are we back in the Garden?

Not hardly…

It is now clear that what we need is not more women in hardened masculine roles, but for both masculine and feminine to be healed and balanced.

Both are powerful and essential, and our world will find peace when men are men, and women are women in more conscious and honouring ways, able to work and co-create together as equals.

This July in Spain, Transformational Life & Relationship Coach Elena Angel invites the Goddesses among us have the opportunity to liberate their feminine gifts and shine!

Best known as founder of The Ultimate Connection Coaching® and Soul Mate expert, Elena Angel elegantly combines Taoist and Tantric teachings with modern understanding and tools for the Quantum Age. Elena’s own practice is grounded in mystical experience and her profound commitment to personal transformation and evolution. She specializes in energetics and, in her coaching sessions, additionally draws from her knowledge and training in NLP, hypnosis and cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy, amongst other modalities.

Elena’s workshops and retreats are enlivened by eclectic musical choices, dance and movement practices and playful partner and group exercises, alongside powerful guided meditations, expansive experiences and soulful intimacy.

Joined by Samjhana Moon, Karolina Arkaliand Sarah Rose Bright, Elena focuses in this retreat on the question: What makes a woman shine?

“A woman is radiant and happy,” says Elena, “when she’s feeling at ease in her body, when she’s confident sexually and open to pleasure, when she’s in flow, enjoying balance in her life, when she’s clear in her vision, well-supported in pursuing her soul’s calling, when she’s able to connect deeply with her innermost self and with others, when she’s loved and in love and when she’s free to create the beauty she’d like to see around her.”

Here are some of the special sessions included in this retreat:

Your Life Plan, Your Soul’s Path

The different areas of your life, past, present and future, in perspective. Understand challenges, clarify your vision, align with your Soul’s directive in setting goals, and learn practical and spiritual tools to help you achieve them.

From Dream to Reality

Learn how to decode your dreams to increase self-awareness and gain access to the full dynamic of your psyche. Shamanic dream-work supports your personal and spiritual development, and enables you to engage both super-conscious and sub-conscious mind positively, empowering you to manifest your new dream reality.

Tantra, Soul Mate Connections and Enlightened Partnerships

Discover what is possible in the area of relationships: attract a new partner, or develop existing relationships, so that you may enjoy new levels of soulful intimacy, deepen love and open to transcendence.


Practice and enjoy meditation techniques designed to balance your physical, emotional and mental state. Learn to accept yourself as you really are, without any self-condemnation or guilt. As you do so, you create an inner atmosphere of relaxation, self-confidence and trust, which enables deep healing and transformation.

Menstruation, Inner Seasons and Being in Flow

Gain new insight into your cycle and start a new relationship with menstruation and your body. Learn how to increase your productivity, lower stress, manage your energy levels and flow with your emotions throughout your cycle, as you align with nature’s rhythm. Working with hormonal and lunar tides empowers you to live a juicy, fulfilled life.


We only have this one precious, yet many don’t truly love their bodies. Discover the practice of BodyLove, connecting you to the magnificence of your body and providing practical, everyday approaches on how to accept, embrace and celebrate the body you have.

Sensual Treasures

This is the sex education class that every woman should have. Discover the vast terrain of your erotic landscape, learning about the infinite possibilities for pleasure in your body with tips and ideas for you to take away.

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