Top Ten Reasons to Travel to the Brazilian Rainforest

Brazil Yoga RetreatThis October, Aquarian Yoga Center is offering a remarkable opportunity to practice Kundalini yoga and Shakti Dance in the pristine, magical Brazilian rainforest. If you are wondering why you should go, here are ten reasons to consider (and we’re sure you can think of even more!).

1. Stunning Environment

Practicing yoga in a stunning environment will give you an inspiring new perspective. Yes, it’s great to do yoga in a studio or at home, but practicing in the magnificent Brazilian rainforest will take your yoga experience to a whole new level.

2. Fresh prana abounds!

You’ll be practicing in the middle of a virgin Atlantic forest, surrounded by waterfalls, springs, trails, natural pools, and greenery. You’ll be breathing in the lush, healthy air as you practice, and you will be immersed in the forest’s phytochemical immune system. Studies have shown that forest trees and plants are healthy for humans! Breathe!

3. History

Nearby Paraty is a small and charming historical town, a popular tourist destination surrounded by parks and nature reserves.

4. Fantastic food!

Healthy, vegetarian meals are provided every day. Plus, special treats such as exotic juices, medicinal teas, and homemade organic yogurt.

5. Nature

Brazil Yoga RetreatYou’ll fall in love…with nature, yourself, Brazil, and all the abundant possibilities and miracles of life.

6. Inner and outer peace

Experience peace and quiet, pure shuniya. Disconnect from the hustle and bustle, and monkey-mind chatter. In Brazil, you’ll enter the stillness within and listen to your own heart and soul. Be you in a way and in a place you’ve never been before!

7. Relaxation

Let go of stress. The practice of Kundalini yoga helps alleviate stress. Immersing yourself in this natural environment will enhance the process as you release and renew in a lush river of inner and outer light.

8. Dance!

Dance with your dreams! In addition to Kundalini yoga, you’ll have the chance to partake in Shakti Dance; let go and explore your deepest yearnings with this uplifting movement experience.

9. Be in the here and now

Brazil Yoga RetreatConnect with the now. At the beautiful Dharma Shala Inn and retreat center, nestled in the Brazilian rainforest, you will be highly attuned to the present moment. You’ll let go of worries, ingrained habits, fears and doubts about the future as you connect with the here and now. After all, in this paradise, why would you want to be anywhere else?

10.Happiness is your birthright!

And last, but not least… you deserve this gift of beauty, natural grace, and inner peace. Be happy, and enjoy!

This article was contributed by Akalsukh Singh, Founder & Director of Aquarian Yoga Center. Akalsukh is leading a Kundalini Yoga and Shakti Dance Retreat in the midst of an Eco-Village in the Brazilian rainforest, with water falls, natural water pools, pristine and beautiful tropical beaches and the historic town of Paraty – coming up October 19-25, 2015.

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