Unveiling the New Gold Membership – Be the First to Get It and Get 50% Off

Exciting news! RetreatNetwork.com just launched a new annual membership plan – The Gold Membership.

The main benefits, unavailable anywhere else, are:

Testimonials & Reviews Management

Nobody likes to ask his customer to review his retreat / program. It is much easier for a 3rd independent party like RetreatNetwork.com to do this for you.

Also, when your listing will have 10 or 20 great reviews on RetreatNetwork.com, you will be able to show it to new customers and it will have a much stronger impact than if those reviews where on your site, since seeing reviews on another website gives them more credibility.

Let us do the heavy lifting for you and worry about the technical stuff – all you’ll have to do is provide us with a list of emails of people that went to your retreats. We will contact them on your behalf and invite them to post a review on your listing.

We will not use the list in any other way!

PPC & Social Media Campaign Management

Setting up a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaign in Google AdWords on Facebook requires time and technical expertise. Companies usually charge between $1000-$2000 to set it up, and then $500 or more per month to manage it ongoing.

We have a team of online marketing experts who can get the job done and get the results you want.

And the best part?

We will do it for free, with any advertising budget you choose, starting from $5/day!

Yes, that’s right – a 100% of your marketing budget goes towards marketing, with no overhead expenses for the campaign management!

For example, if you have a Women Yoga retreat in California, we will create a Google AdWords campaign, for anyone searching for keywords like: “women retreat” or “retreat in California”, and we will geo-target it to people from California (and maybe the neighboring states).

On Facebook, we will create a campaign targeted to women, interested in Yoga, who live around California.

*The landing page will be your listing on RetreatNetwork.com

Additional Features Included in this membership

Additional benefits to make this option even more attractive:

  • 0% Commission on booking done via RetreatNetwork (or a link to book on your site)
  • Featured at top of search results
  • One-time social media promotion to our 25K+ followers (valued at $79)
  • One-time newsletter promotion to our 2.5K+ subscribers (valued at $79)
  • One-time featured blog article written by us (valued at $138)
  • Your full contact info displayed

That’s $296 worth of extra benefits!

Time Sensitive Offer

We are offering our gold membership now at a pre-launch price of 50% OFF (only $274/year!) to the first 50 users that register!

Get Your Membership Now!!

Have questions? Feel free to schedule an introduction meeting with Ilan Mandel, RetreatNetwork.com CEO & Co-founder:

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