Weaving The Network Journey: Boulder Gardens in Joshua Tree

Slowly but surely we are processing the amazing experiences we had during our recent Healers Worldwide West Coast Weaving The Network Journey, promoting Retreat Network, Healer Source and Oneness.

After a few days of logistics, administration and rest in Los Angeles, we left LA on our way to the “Portal to the New Earth” gathering in Joshua Tree. The gathering took place in Boulder Garden, an eco-desert community, that was developed over the last 30 years by the owner Garth, on a very low budget and with lots of love.

There are incredible things to see and experience there – from a saloon with a bar and piano, to a pool, a mobile kitchen, an amphitheater, permanent living structures made out of local materials, vegetable gardens, and more. Imagine Burning Man life-style 365 days a year…

The weather was so nice, we didn’t even setup our tents – we slept for these two nights inside the Amethyst Portal – a 20 feel star-shaped structure equipped with the Quasar Wave Transducer that created healing vibrations.

Our vision is a world at peace, a world that works for everybody.

As this was the first stop on our Journey, we literally and figuratively stepped through the “Portal to the New Earth”, marking the transition into a new phase in our quest for global transformation and Oneness.

In Boulder Gardens we met incredible Healers, among them were Alaya Love, an Elder and Wisdom Keeper of the Hawaiian Huna tradition, and Darakshan, the owner of Glen Muse Estate in Ojai.

We shared our vision with both Darakshan and Alaya, and they were both inspired. Darakshan invited us to hold the Ojai Healers Worldwide Oneness Council at Glen Muse, and Alaya graciously suggested to meet us there and support the council.

We’ll write about our AMAZING experience at Glen Muse in Ojai, and about the Ojai Oneness Council in our next blog post…

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