West Coast Tour April 27 to May 20 to Introduce Retreat Network to Key People

Ilan Mandel, founder of Healers Worldwide and co-founder of Retreat Network, will be touring up the West Coast between April 27 and May 20, 2014, to introduce the Retreat Network vision and services to key people.

About Retreat Network

Our vision is a world at peace.

We believe that our world will be at peace when we reach a critical mass of people who are at peace with themselves. We therefore chose our mission to be promoting places & events around the world that elevate the body, mind & spirit.

Our goal is to reach the mainstream and provide meaningful alternatives to vacations and other getaways now offered by the travel and hospitality industry.
 We aim to exponentially increase the number of people who consciously and intentionally seek a vacation or a getaway that elevate their body, mind & spirit, while at the same time create channels through which money can flow to Healers and Lightworkers and support their work.

Read more about Retreat Network here.

To connect with us and receive ongoing updates, please join the Facebook event at:


Ilan is looking for:

  • People to connect with along the way
  • People to come along for the ride
  • Events to attend / speak at
  • Places to visit and write about for the website
  • Places to rest his head or setup his tent

If you have any suggestions, ideas or questions, please contact Ilan at tour@retreatnetwork.com or via Facebook.

Can’t wait to see you!

IT is happening!!

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